Teachers: How to use recognition in the classroom

The key piece of advice here is ‘Be Positive”.  The vast majority of learners will respond well to praise and particularly if they perceive that praise to be accurate.  Ideas include the use of commendations, stickers, verbal praise, praise postcards sent home.

Team Leaders: The strategic use of recognition

It hopefully goes without saying, that members of your team have the right to recognition and praise as a measure of how much the team cares for each other.  Over and above this use of praise, there are strategic ways in which recognition can be used to improve the operation of the team.

These include identifying practice which fits well with the ethos and direction of the team and as well as recognising the contribution of the individual, also serves to act as an exemplar for the desired culture you wish to set up.  For example, if you are promoting collaboration in teaching and you observe an example of this then providing the teacher with an opportunity to present their work to their peers not only recognises their achievement but also strategically helps to develop the message.

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